Prevention is better than cure, off late the H1N1 virus has again started created a big trouble for all people more so for the non-veg diet people, often such endemics start not too long ago bird flu was a big menace and now is swine flu. Some easy natural ways to fight daily infection and virus are.

3 main preventions for protecting yourself any Virus:

* Wash Hands
* Cover Nose and Mouth
* Minimize physical contact with people or public

Washing Hands

Wash hands often with soap or antiseptic. As hand washing facilities are not available, use an appropriate antiseptic hand cleaner or antiseptic towelettes.

Always remember to wash hand when :

* After going to washroom/toilets
* Before meal
* Before and when ready foods
* After exposed/touch with raw material, contaminated surface, face, nose , ear and other part of the body
* Anytime if you think the effort washing hands.

Many pandemics do not have any specific vaccine or cure is discovered till date as per the norms of WHO as for example influenza. Personal hygiene plays important roles in preventing from infection of this viral infection. Below are few steps which can be used by everyone for preventing purposes.


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  1. Green Cures July 18, 2010 at 3:43 PM  

    As an alternative to flue vaccines and constant overuse of RX cold remedies and Over the Counter products which are damaging to the immune system you can use natural alternatives such as Vitamin C, Elderberry, Garlic and Zinc.

    These nutrients and herbs not only ward off infection but strengthen the immune system.

    Green Cures

  2. shanu November 2, 2012 at 4:15 PM  

    hey thanks for garlic helps a lot to build immunity , i eat one every day in morning