Obesity is the biggest problem of the present generation, more than 50% of alignment today are related to being overweight. It has been found that overweight people have a average life expectancy 6 years less that of fit human being. The fast food and snacking culture has only taken this obesity problem to children which makes matter worse. Though the internet and market has umpteen number of advises and tricks, most are either come with lots of toxic side effects and other require excruciating amount of physical endurance. Though we have found simple natural and home remedies which when followed shall in cutting your fat and over weight problems. read on for the tip

A path breaking research in 2009 reveled that taking Blueberries regularly can help us to lose abdominal fats.It has been showed that blueberries have a high content of antioxidant which changes the way the body assimilates glucose and sugar for energy, and hence cuts down the most of fat accumulated in abdominal region due to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also advised that natural ones are the best and processed one are not as effective due the amount of preservatives added to it makes it very less effective.


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