Gardening is becoming a very popular activity and some people have started taking tit much more seriously than just a time pass, hobby or a mid life crisis saviour. For all the plant and green lovers this is best way to help yourself and the mother earth as well. To ensure that your plants and flowers grow into healthy saplings in no time we should ensure to get the best quality seeds and give the good manures to the ground. Chemical Fertilizers are not been effective and leave a toxic waste in the ground which is most of the times more harmful than other. Natural manures are best fertilizers of all and helps the plants to grow fast and healthiest with no adverse effects at all.

Use crushed vitamins in our plants roots to the herbs and veggies grow the best.Though there is one more secret tips of natural home gardening I shall tell you today Use Children's Vitamins, for the very reason that they are much more soluble than adult vitamins. They do not have the "coating" that never dissolves and ensure no wastage at all, nor does it have any added colors etc to harm your plants. Crush the vitamins tablets and dissolve in your room temperature water and then feed this water to the plants.

If your gardens is having a lot of unneeded growth and weeds all around it , thanks to the great fertlizers tips we have just given you .The just use Vinegar, it kills annoying weeds within two or three dosages. Simply add vinegar to a spray bottle and spary it on undesired weeds. Works very well on weeds in sidewalk cracks , shrubs and climbers. Be careful not to spray any plants or grass that you don’t want to be killed. Just make sure not to spray Vinegar on to your ground every day, atleast 2 days gaps shoould be maintained so that the ground doesnt turn acidic.


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