mosquitoes , flies and various other types of files are very troublesome and it has been found to be the biggest source of contamination and infection. These flies and mosquitoes are the biggest carrier of air borne diseases. Malaria and Dengue are accused by these flies as well. Apart from flies pests are a big menace as well if not to people mostly to crops , vegetation and is often seen more in countryside. Worry not all such trouble makers can be easily be kept at bay with simple home remedies for pests and mosquitoes which wont take more than 5 minutes of your time.Read on for the tips

For the mosquitoes all you have to do is use Listerine or any other mouth wash which suits you. Add this mouth wash in a spray type bottle, and spray on your porch, or wherever the mosquitoes are forming their hub and they should go away, though not as effective like this but you can use vinegar as well as a home remedy for mosquitoes

If you have a lwan or own a kitchen vegetation in your backyard and have had pest bugging it then try this small trick to do away with all pests from your gardens.Just Sprinkle some powdered milk all over the plants more so at the roots, this shall keep the bugs away for a lot longer than 7 days or so without doing any harmful effect to the plants or the flowers at all.


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