This years climate meet was held in Bonn, Germany here the strong international 181 member countries decided upon the new the climate treaty policies. The summary of the whole two day event has been divided as negotiations on two large sets. The thoughts were that of long term like 2050 and short term like 2015 . The long term plans have been pretty much remained unchanged thought the most hustle was on the short term plans which are currently under Kyoto Protocol.

The protocol has the fixed hindsight for 2008-2012 in which the rich countries are to curb there green houses emissions. Though this plans has not gone down well enough which has led to much hue and cry. The second phase of the plan which is to put curtain on industrial countries like India and other rapid developing countries from south east Asia. Though India has claimed it cannot go with the plans as per the protocol without finical aids from rich countries , though it is grossly difficult due to the hard pressed on recession currently affecting the global economy. The developed nations wants to force India and china among other nations into a signed treaty which would be able to put a quantified number on the emission from India and china . Though India and china are playing smart by sticking to UN norms and treaty which does not force them to reduce any emissions. Such turn around from flexi norms to hard bound policies is very difficult to get for the rich nations to force India and china into, experts predict a more of "enhanced" norms on UN policies is the best that could be pulled off, epically as no country as piles of finance to push it's demand all the way through.
Though in long term policy its India and china which are forcing rich and developed nations to stiff targets.

Though the picture would get more clear when the UN summit on environment takes place, due in spring 2010.


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