The impact of saline water on the land has many manifestations, the incursion of it leads to great damage to both agriculture and the fishery in the affected areas. the saline water wipes off the top soil region of most areas with high wind coast , high tide or the ones which experience frequent floods and storms. The effect salinity on agriculture shall take its time to show but the fishes and sea life is the first major victim of saline water.

Almost all the fish are swept off such areas as none can survive in the concentrated brine water.

To counter the saline water one has to start by pumping such water off the land fully, the water cant be left alone to evaporate on it's own as it will lead to salt going down on the soil which would make the soil barren. Test of crop and acidic content of the soil has to be measured to resurrect the soil damage , if any. Also depends on the vegetation of the soil as for the matter of fact dhonche cultivation, a saline soil is very productive and also make the vegetable saline which makes them much better in nutrients. Another great way to counter this by applying organic manure of the soil to desalinize the soil . Organic manure if basically made up of saw dust, ashes from rice and wheat mills, gypsum and basic slack lime is used as two tonnes per hectare to treat the soil of the salinity. To make matter more sure use salt-resistant seeds so that they don't wilt under little saline soil environment.


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