You want to eat 'just right' everyday,but chances are that a sinful fried snack sneaks up as a very tasty tea time temptation.But its high time we face the facts that only a small section of people who go to 9-to-5 jobs are living a healthier life than the rest of us,since they get up early, they have time for breakfast,as well as a proper lunch break,then back home early for a timely dinner.But people in other professions such as-journos,techies,marketing professionals,call center executives,advertising etc, wake up late to a rushed breakfast or skip it,rush to office and have a hurried lunch, then have coffee and cigarette breaks in between.By tea time we run for a burger,muffins,cafeteria snacks or some biscuits.Back home we are too tired to cook dinner,so we rustle up some instant noodles or sleep on an empty stomach,next day history repeats itself.
In daily rush-rush,healthy eating is kicked by the much so that most of us don't live to eat but eat to live and we blame it on our busy schedule or call it a professional hazard?But its high time to think healthy and eat are some tips to eating healthy..

On weekends we want to have something different,try out a fresh platter of salad rather than deep fried snacks or have grilled chicken,fish or cottage cheese if you want something tastier.On a daily basis have a low-fat meal.
Cut the caffeine out of your life,increase your anti-oxidant intake by replacing your coffee with a cup of green tea.Stock up on low-fat cheese,lettuce,olives,peppers,eggs,chicken/turkey ham and yogurt to make sandwich spread and filling.Try wholewheat,bran or soya bread to make a healthy sandwich.
Include more of healthy veggies like broccoli,peppers,corns,olives,sprouts,cucumbers,mushrooms and more in your diet chart.It doesn't take much time to put 1 or 2 fruits like banana,apple or pear in your office bag as it is a better afternoon snack than fried snacks and it also gives essential vitamins,minerals and fibre to our body.
If you cannot stay without having noodles or pasta,add some chopped veggies,some roasted chicken breast or an egg to it to make it tastier and much more healthier!
Keep assorted nuts like almonds,raisins,peanuts,walnuts,pistachios and cashews in your office cabinet in in roasted versions and have a handful of them instead of coffee and biscuits.If you want to have biscuits have wholewheat,fiber-rich biscuits than the regular sugary ones.
Bring lunch from home,when possible.Cook in good quality oil and go easy on the oil while cooking at home.
Choose to eat and drink healthy whenever and wherever possible.A lifestyle change is just a matter of habit.Start early to identify and curb unhealthy habits.Once you get into the habit of healthy eating,you won't even feel like eating junk any more!


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