Fruits and Spices are well known for its goodness and distinctive properties, but there are some facts about some fruits and spices which is not known to everyone.
You can enrich your knowledge about them from the following facts.

ASPARAGUS: They have aphrodisiacs powers and so it was even served to bridegrooms as early as 19th century .

FIGS: An open fig is considered to emulate the female sex organs and traditionally believed to be sex stimulant.

ALMOND: Considered a symbol of fertility down the ages, its aroma induces passion in women.

ASOEFETIDA: An Indian dried powdered herb, it was used as a sexual stimulant in Ayurvedic medicine. The herb has a strong garlicy flavor.

AVOCADO: The Aztecs called the avocado tree Ahuacuatl, which when literally translated means 'testicle tree'.

BASIL: Sweet basil is said to stimulate sex drive and boost fertility. It's also touted to produce a general sense of well being for the body and mind.

CORIANDER: The Arabian Nights narrates a tale of a merchant who'd been childless for 40 years and was cured by a concoction that included coriander.

GARLIC: The 'heat' in garlic stirs sexual desires.

GINGER: Ginger root raw, cooked or crystallized stimulates the circulatory system.

HONEY: Many Egyptian potions were based on honey, including cures for sterility and impotence. Medieval seducers plied their partners with Mead, a fermented drink using honey. Lovers on their honeymoon drank mead considered to 'Sweeten' marital ties.

MUSTARD: Believed to stimulate the sexual glands and increase desire.

NUTMEG: Highly prized by Chinese women as an aphrodisiac. Taken in certain quantity it creates a hallucinogenic effect.


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