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We are what we eat or probably what we don't.Most of the time knowingly or unknowingly we end up neglecting certain foods which can go a long way in helping us stay fit and's a well known fact that the nutritional requirements of men and women are different.I have already mentioned about the food items that women need to stay healthier in my post FOOD FOR WOMAN.Now what men need is nutrients that can help them maintain muscle mass and prevent prostate cancer.

Men are more prone towards developing conditions like high blood pressure,cardiac disorders,prostate cancer and diabetes.Besides regular exercise,eating the right diet is the best bet to keep these lethal ailments at bay.Here are some food items that are beneficial for men:

Benefits:-Provides protection from prostate cancer and strengthens the immune system.
Oysters are packed with antioxidants.A few oysters every day provide a full day's supply of zinc.Studies suggest that zinc enhances sexual functioning of the male reproductive system and also repairs cells.One can either cook it or eat it raw depending upon their taste.

Benefits:-Reduces BP,cholesterol,protects against colon and prostate cancer,regulates bowel movements.
Include sufficient quantities of whole grains everyday in your diet.They don't just provide you with essentials carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals but also soluble fibre.It is full of vitamin B, they lower bad cholesterol and also take care of the prostate gland.

Benefits:-Helps prevent heart disease and cancer.
It might be a not -so- preferred veggie in your green shopping list,but the proven benefits of broccoli certainly makes this miracle food a must in every house.In fact,a recent Harvard study found that those who had five servings a week of broccoli were half as likely as others to develop bladder cancer.Broccoli is a very good source of phosphorus,potassium,magnesium and vitamin B6.

Benefits:-Safeguard against prostate cancer.
A US study suggests that eating about 25 gms of soy protein a day decreases cholesterol!we can include it in our diet in the form of soy nuts,soy milk,soy cheese,veggie burgers and tofu.

Benefits:-Prevents heart diseases,prostate cancer,arthritis and high blood pressure.
The American Heart Association recommends that men should make eating fish a bi-weekly deal. they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which strengthens the heart and prevent blood clots.Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in abundance in flaxseeds,walnuts,soy,canula oil and eggs.

Benefits:Reduces the risk of stroke,arthritis and urinary disorders.
Bananas are not just filling ,but also provide instant energy,vitamins,minerals which help to regulate heartbeat.A great source of vitamin B6,they also aid your immune system, form red blood cells and provide you with a healthy nervous system.

On the whole, a well balanced diet is not only healthy but can also enhance performance in ways more than one.


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