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To maintain proper health, its necessary to have a nutritious diet. The choice of food is essential for maintaining proper health and goes a long way in assisting various body functions, be it metabolic, physical, mental or hormonal. Apart from oxygen and water our diet basically comprises of 43 essential nutrients, lack of which makes our body susceptible to various diseases due to lower resistance in the body. A proper mix of all these essential elements classified into five main groups, i.e; carbohydrates, fat, proteins, minerals and vitamins required in our daily food intake is known as balanced diet. Research has shown that major nutrients are lost in the food we take due to extra refining of foods, use of insecticides , pesticides, preservatives and time lag between harvesting and consumption. Thus to have good health utmost importance must be given to a well balanced diet wherein combination of all the essential nutrients are present.

Its been widely believed that optimum diet for healthy living would comprise of a liberal mix of; GRAINS, NUTS and SEEDS , FRUITS and VEGETABLES commonly known as basic food.

Basically grains constitute the bulk of our diet and contains all the important nutrients needed for maintenance and growth for human beings. Through seeds and nuts most of the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids necessary for a healthy human being can be obtained. They also help in the rejuvenation of cells in the body and prevent premature ageing.

Vegetables and Fruits provide excellent source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.As they contain high content of water and low percentage of protein they are easily digested and absorbed into the body.The full benefit of Fruits and Vegetables can best be had if they are eaten in their raw and matured state without being put on fire, however when unpalatable you may steam it without draining the water. Before eating, it must be cleaned with skin on as soaking in water will wash away essential minerals and nutrients.
However to have a perfect diet, the aforesaid food items need to be supplemented with milk, honey and unrefined oils.

Milk considered as natures perfect food, when taken in form of yogurt adds value to the food we eat for its prebiotic content which help prevent constipation and intestinal putrefaction. Honey is called nectar of nature as besides giving energy it is useful in retaining calcium in our body and also beneficial in managing common cold, skin problems, blood circulation, kidney and liver disorders. Unsaturated oils provide fatty acids and vitamins essential for our skin.

Considering the above basic foods along with supplements we can ensure a balanced supply of all the vital nutrients needed for a healthy living and prevention of diseases without fear of being inflicted with bird flu or mad cow disease from consuming animal protein.

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