In one`s daily routine, living beings cannot keep awake or work around the clock like machines. For this drawback Nature has found an innovative way out to revitalize our body parts through periodic rest`s known to us as "SLEEP". Such rest is absolutely essential for efficient functioning of our bodies, whereby energy is restored back to the tired limbs and fatigued state of mind. While asleep our vital organs and basic parameters of body temperature, heart beat, blood pressure are reduced to minimal levels so that energy can be conserved within the body. Once we fall asleep how a complex in built mechanism sets in motion a process,that restores back levels of fallen energy and makes us cheerful when we awake,is still to be fully understood to science? Nothing is more satisfying than a good and sound sleep after a hard days work is well known to everyone. To maintain proper health we must distinguish it from mere body rest and ensure we get sleep for minimum 6 to 9 hours varying from person to person.

Sleep is thus a vital element in our daily life cycle just as breathing and eating,lack of which can cause irreversible damage to our memory and psychological mental state. So the saying sleep is NATURE`S CURE and restorer to energy and life is very much true.

Unless sleep is deep and restful, full benefit out of its restorative process cannot be derived. REM sleep which is associated with dream conditions does not give rest to the body, one must get non-REM sleep to wake up refreshed. Apart from normal benefit to physical health and restoration of our immunity system there are many other factors which make sleep essential to life. Normal sleep is also equally considered necessary for concentration, memory formation and for repairing the damage done to our body cell`s during the day by exposure to pollutants in air and cosmic rays of the sun.

To get full benefit out of sleep we need to understand how to sleep perfectly. One single habit is to turn off all electronic devises (evils) an hour before bedtime, as the light rays emitted out is not conducive to restful sleeping conditions. Apart from following fixed time to sleep and wake up, proper ambiance in the bedroom needs to be maintained either by subtle lights or soft music. Lying on back or stomach is not the idle posture to sleep. Daytime naps should be avoided as it breaks the body`s biological clock. Exertion or stimulants before or after dinner should be avoided as it revs up the flow of blood and body temperature. No activity from the living room be extended to the bed, like watching television, movies or surfing on net. In case you are restless in bed , do not pretend to sleep or else you`l get more tired. Its better to get up, read a book, do some yoga, meditation or deep breathing before you fall lazy enough to sleep.

To summarize we may say sleep is a natural restorative process that allows the body to recoup and regenerate its spent energy, so that it can continue to function normally and remain healthy. So to be healthy, sleeping is not a want, it is a must.


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