A Spring Onion or 'SCALLION' , commonly also known as green onion, is associated with members of the genus Allium that lack a fully developed bulb. They are truly onions, only harvested very young while their shoots are still green and fresh. Onions contain a substance which is released when they are cut and causes the eyes to water. They tend to be milder tasting than usual onions and are typically steamed and set in salads in western cookery but also cooked in many Asian recipes. After removing the bottom half-inch of the root end, both the white bottoms and the green tops are used. Although it is best eaten raw, you can combine it with garlic and celery for great taste, blend it with vegetable juices or saute it lightly. Diced scallions are often used in soup, noodles, seafood and sauce in eastern dishes.


  • Besides tickling the taste-bud, it is good for health too =========
  • They contain vitamins B and C together with calcium, iron and potassium.
  • It is an excellent remedy for fever and asthmatic problems.
  • It's juice is excellent in lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
  • It is also known to give relief to joint and arthritic pain.
  • It contains cycloallin, an anticoagulant which helps protect against heart diseases.

While buying one should see that the green leaves are dark, fresh and clean. Onions, more than almost any other vegetable, keep well, provided they are stored in a cool, dry place such as a larder or outhouse. They tend to get limp if stored in the refrigerator for long.

The volatile acids in onions are driven off while cooking on heat. Frying an onion affects its eventual taste. Boiled or chopped onion has a stronger, more raw taste. Frying or sauteing briefly until soft and translucent gives a mild flavor both sweet and savory. That is superb with grilled meats and essential for a french onion soup. Spring onions though mild and delicate but is a better option in cooking and spreads than the usual variety for it's freshness and taste.


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