Practice of Yoga is believed to boost up and bring a new lease to life. It makes a person more strong and fit mentally and physically day by day. We all know that our ancestors were more hale and hearty and lived for a longer span of time than we people today, the reason behind it is the yogic exercises. Yoga in reality works really like magic. Different people practice yoga for different reasons and to achieve different goals, some do it to lose weight, some to increase muscle tone and definition, some to gain more resistance and energy, some practice yoga to control one's emotions and outbursts and others for management of stress.
The most suitable time to start yogic exercises is early morning between 4:30am to 5:30am. To practice pranayam and yogic exercises one should sit comfortably in padmasana or sukhasana position and should start with Surya Namaskar to boost one's cardiovascular endurance followed by specific body part training to get good results for all muscle groups.

For different body parts there are different exercises such as:-

  • For legs and lower body training: Utkatasana, Natarajasana, Virasana.
  • For back and toned abs: Naukasana, Bhujangasana, Merudandasana, Paschimottanasana.
  • For upper body training: Santolasana, Setubandhasana, Dandasana, Parvatasana.

To stay fit and healthy throughout life one must follow a strict schedule to do these yogic exercises regularly. Doing these exercises is just as essential like breathing and eating. It helps us in staying fit mentally by purifying our blood, lungs and heart, curbing hypertension, phobias, insomnia, nervous weakness and other mental disorders. Physically it gives us extra energy to do our daily chores more efficiently.
As it offers a one stop solution for proper functioning of all body parts and internal organs, no wonder it's known as magical yoga.


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