Have you ever wondered why people use their right hand mostly for doing any work. We see mothers teaching their child to use their right hand to eat or to hold a pencil, why is this so? Is it just out of habit or is there any valid reason behind it?
It's believed our right hand acts as transmitter through which Energy flows out, that's the reason why we instinctively use it so often.
People use their right hand to bless or to shake hands, to cook food or to give alms. In this process, we impart positive energy to others. We usually use our right hand to eat food, so besides the nutrition it also doubles the energy that food provides us. To balance the energy flow in our body, left hand acts as receptors to take in energy.

Besides eating and doing work, there is also mention in ancient eastern scriptures about the importance of right hand for doing certain breathing exercises, originally known as PRANAYAM. That's also the reason why one always initiates with the right hand for doing YOGA and ASANAS which is the modern age remedy for a healthy lifestyle.

In the practice of pranayam, its said the starting posture is vital, where one is required to cover the right nostrils with right hand thumb and inhale through the left. This awakens the senses with positive charge and allows proper circulation of oxygen and energy in the body without disturbing the natural left-right energy flow. But the whole process of breathing and using our right hand in this process will fall flat if we do not follow the proper sequence. The entire process will do us no good and prove to be futile if the breathing sequence is incorrect. To know more read post- ANCIENT ART OF BREATHING FOR ALL ROUND HEALTH.
So make sure you are following the correct pattern while doing pranayam and do start with your right hand while doing so.


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  1. Anonymous November 9, 2008 at 7:11 PM  

    thus this mean the left handed people are at disadvantage??

  2. Nature Lover November 10, 2008 at 12:11 AM  

    Maybe with respect to flow of energy, not as a universal rule for other aspects.