In present times when building homes ,we need to consider many things than just plain comfort.As building a house is once in lifetime,we must keep in mind how to manage the scarce resources around us.The idea is to build environment friendly homes,keeping in mind maximum utility of resources.Today a building design can be custom built on scientific basis for optimum energy saving and human comfort.

An ideal solution in designing such passive homes requires a careful study of the solar path,much depending on the geographical location,besides integration of energy and heating requirements.The basic principle is to meet external energy requirement from solar panels and take care of air circulation, both in and out of the house through central heat exchangers to minimize on energy consumption.Further heat gain/loss through walls, doors and windows can be curtailed by proper glazing and insulation.Prudent selection of exterior colors combined with energy efficient landscaping materials including use of plenty natural green can give us the environment remedy for our homes.

One need not worry about high construction costs for such houses as they will be offset through specially pre-designed computer models for avoiding costly construction experiments coupled with nominal maintenance required over the long run.


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