The importance of renewable source of energy has been time and again stressed upon by us here at green remedies as they are not only very nature friendly and supports the Eco system , it also takes the load of from the replenish able sources of energy. We should always use energy sources renewable or otherwise as per our needs and not waste them. Go green electricity is one such campaign which focuses on people to preserve and use electricity as per their needs and not waste it , common example of such wastage being

  1. Keeping the fan/AC on even when not in room
  2. Keeping extension boards and mobile charges plugged in even when not in use ( this is very small negligence which can be easily avoided )
  3. Keeping the all the lights switched on always
  4. Improper usage of geyser, washing machine etc.

We should take of such simple ways to curb our electricity bills and conserve electricity as well . Maybe most of us are not aware but currently we are supplied electricity by our government at a subsidised rate to help us improve our living standards , but very soon if we continue to misuse electricity we will have to the actual high rates of electricity which for a normal penthouse with 4 occupants can go from 300 USD to 500USD.

If we keep this figures in mind we see this as a major expense in our monthly bills which can be cut a lot short if we all maintain a little more respect for electricity , it is important for everyone that they should manage things well with electricity. One should use all recognized products and equipments which are good with electricity for example they should only use the recognized products of which are marked by CE, also what can be done is especially if you own a mid size business or industrial unit is that get our power sources from a correct electricity dealers as you can make a great saving if you use cheap electricity providing companies, we already have such cheap electricity companies in Texas and many business owners are using it to their best potential , I will say be smart, stay smart and use electricity smartly.


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  1. Ricky April 8, 2011 at 1:06 AM  

    Nice tips! Since my conversion to Ambit Energy
    , I've been more aware on my energy consumption and been practicing responsible ways of using electricity.

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  3. ritesh April 22, 2011 at 4:10 PM  

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  4. Bruce January 9, 2012 at 8:38 PM  

    amazing! good work!!