The origin of ONION remains a mystery? Onion according to archaeologists, botanists and food historians, was discovered even before farming or writing! It is believed to have been derived from a wild species found in the mountains of central Asia. Research claims that it was first cultivated in Egypt at around 3200 BC! Its botanical name is Allium Cepa but it's better known as the garden onion.

The garden or common Onion has a variety of uses in our daily lives at home, from culinary to curing Anemia and reducing hair fall, we just can't imagine a life without Onions! In the kitchen too the Onion is the most used ingredient. Onions add flavor to a wide variety of dishes and is the second most important horticultural crop after tomatoes.

Onions belong to the same family as garlic, leeks, chives, scallions and shallots. Onions may be red, white, yellow or green. An Onion can be sharp, pungent, mild or sweet depending on the variety. Usually the red and white ones are most commonly found and consumed. Onion's is a chefs delight as it lends themselves to a variety of options from being eaten raw, cooked, fried or roasted.

Besides Onions adding spice to our daily diet, it also has many medicinal uses.

  • - Onion inhibits tumor growth as it is rich in a variety of sulfides. Research shows that the Chinese with highest intake of onions & garlic have 40%less risk of cancer.
  • - As Onion contains essential oils like alipropyl disulphide, thiopropionoaldehyde, catechol and protocatechnic acid, it is beneficial for patients with coronary heart disorders.
  • - It also helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • - Onion contains chromium, which helps to decrease glucose levels and improves glucose tolerance.
  • - Onions also stimulate the immune system.
  • - Research by American Heart Association shows onion taken with garlic prevents thrombosis and reduces hypertension.
  • - Onions are also beneficial in cases of diuretic, expectorant and antiseptic usage.
  • - Onion can improve lung functioning especially in asthma cases.

Certain common ailments can easily be taken care of with the following home remedies.
  • - In cases of cold, cough, bronchitis and influenza, 4 teaspoons of equal amount of onion juice and honey helps in providing relief.
  • - Intake of 1 onion daily purifies the blood and cures anemia.
  • - A few drop of warm Onion juice dropped in the ear provides relief in aches.
  • - Eating raw onions quells thirst and increases appetite.
  • -About 30 gms of finely rubbed onion if taken with water along with 60 gms of sugar, is an instant cure for bleeding piles.
  • -If there is a black spot in any part of your body and face, apply onion juice over that area regularly and see the spot disappear.
  • -Onion juice helps in reducing hair fall. Hair can even grow on the bald part of your head by applying a mixture of honey and onion juice regularly.


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