The ice is melting, rain forests are shrinking and color green is getting paler day by day. Why? Because of us! It's high time people start changing their nature if you wish to save the environment and see future generations live in harmony with nature.
Any further destruction of nature will be destruction of humanity. Nature is our home and all form of life on this planet, including human-beings, was born out of this natural environment. Life on this planet was not artificially created, we are the products of nature.
We turn to nature to breathe clean air, just as a sunflower turns to the sun for its energy. We must recognize that any action which goes against the natural laws and basic tenets of nature is a terrible mistake. All the money in the world can't buy us the blue sky. The sun and the breeze belongs equally to all of us.
Though science has improved our lives but let not the harmful effects of global warming hinder our progress, we must match the advancements in science with our commitment to preserve and protect our environment. We need to balance our goals and priorities. One who loves nature will also cherish other humans, value peace and possess a richness of character unfettered by selfish calculations of personal gain. On the other hand, those who live in a calculative way will end up calculating their own worth in the same manner as human footprint has taken its toll on God's creation - MOTHER NATURE.

People might think that there is no reward for picking up trash which others have strewn about. But its important to take such actions out of love for nature without thinking about what one may or may not gain materially in the short run. Only through such actions can we live in sync and peace with nature on this planet. Its more important than ever for each person to develop an awareness for environmental protection.
According to the Buddhist principle about oneness of life and environment, a destructive mind produces a barren, devastated natural environment. The desertification of our planet is linked to the desertification of the human spirit. War is the most extreme example of this destructive impulse, destroying both nature and the human spirit. The twentieth century was a century of war, but we must make this new century a century of life, one in which we make life the top priority in all spheres of human activity.
In our arrogance we have flagrantly over-looked a simple fact, that we are dependent on the earth and not the other way round. As cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first person to see earth from space, declared it a blue planet. The blue of the oceans, the white of the clouds are proof that earth is the water planet, sparkling with life. Its important to follow a philosophy that recognizes everything in the universe as living, and sacred just as valuable as ourselves.
We are told "Be kind to the planet" but, in reality, the planet has been kind to us.
Behind each of us stands not just 4 billion years of kindness from the earth but also the compassion of the entire universe.
Therefore, its very important not to devalue our lives. Life is the most precious of all treasures. Each of us have been given this invaluable, irreplaceable gift. Those bearers of life -the universe, the earth, the mothers -all cherish their children. The essential teaching of Buddhism is that soul of life resides in every plant, every organism. Its a philosophy founded on a profound reverence for life. So its essential that in this 21st century to save our environment we first change our outlook towards life.


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