In ancient times when science was in its infancy, taking care of the sick, was the concern of chieftains and head`s of community. As knowledge was limited to few wise persons, people had to rely on words of such thinkers and philosophers for their wisdom on natural curative methods. Its been human custom since pre-history to practice FASTING as a form of natural cure across all religions and civilization. Even Hippocrates, Socrates and Plato revered physicians of bygone era recommended fasting for good health. Besides medical necessity fasting was widely followed for religious and spiritual traditions. In religious context from Christianity, Baha-i Faith, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains or Mohammedans it is considered as a means of self-purification, a genuine fast is a true prayer that cleanses the body, mind and soul. With such wide acceptance Fasting is considered as natures best, most effective and cheapest way of healing and treating diseases naturally.

In medical science its common knowledge that root cause to all diseases is accumulation of waste in our body. When we eat continuously without doing matching activity, the unburnt food clogs our system with impurities. Further digestion and excretion becomes slow, leading to overheating and malfunctioning of various organs in the body. Falling ill is Nature`s indication of getting rid of such waste from our body. Every disease can be healed if sufficient time is given to our body to expel the impurities from the system. Hence, Fasting for a small interval helps in this purification process in a natural way and is reason why a patient is put to fast before an operation.

In recent empirical studies there are indications that pure water fasting not only detoxify cells and rejuvenate organs but can actually cure diseases as arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, allergies, headaches, bowel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, colitis, conditions of cardiovascular disease when alkaline juice instead of water is taken while fasting and combined with a healthy diet.

The efficacy of Fasting can best be understood under NATUROPATHY MEDICINE :-
- Fasting allows the digestive system and organs to rest and heal itself
- The body gets time to eliminate toxins
- At this time it is believed the body is under psychosomatic cleaning process
- Fasting helps in shedding weight
- Speedy recovery in mild/severe health conditions as new and healthy cells are speeded up
- Fasting ensures better sleep, gives more energy, healthier skin, gum's, teeth,
decreases anxiety and tension
- Fasting ensures reduction of aches and pains in muscles and joints
- Fasting has a rejuvenating effect on nervous and mental functions

As Fasting for periods beyond 12 hours weakens the body immunity level, it should be avoided as a matter of routine and is certainly not advisable for persons with diabetes, hypertension and in advanced stage of tuberculosis without professional supervision.
In brief we may conclude that Fasting is a natural healing process and Nature`s Restorer to healthy living.


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