Man in his quest to learn and explore has made many remarkable discovery, innovation over the ages. The foremost among these is "ELECTRICITY " , without which many other could not be possible. In his blind pursuit to achieve and excel, he lost foresight that his goal to industrialization would one day itself choke us and lead to destruction of our mother earth and its resources. The very thing that lead us to progress- i.e; producing electricity has become a cause of concern to all, for its adverse impact on the environment. In order to combat the harmful carbon emissions, one of the primary causes of global warming, we must resolve to provide the world with an inexhaustible source of clean energy. There can be no better way than harvesting the radiant energy from the sun to produce an economically viable alternate source of power.

Among the many sources of renewable energy surely the prospect of generating pollution-free power from sun rays is most fascinating, as it could be easily available in every nook and corner of the world. However success of this mission would lie in increasing efficiency of present photovoltaic technology to make it more cost effective for mass use. Apart from better resource management, upgrading technology for common usage and wider acceptance will no doubt be a challenging task.

In this direction development of passive homes, greenhouses, hybrid solar lighting, solar cooking, solar chimneys, solar vehicle etc. now gives us ample choice to support its usage in our daily life. Adoption of solar power, besides being Eco-friendly, offers several advantages over conventional sources. Though set up cost may be high, but recurring cost is negligible, so ultimately it could be economical in the long run. Energy from sun source being inexhaustible, so its best alternative to limited reserve of fossil fuels that's polluting our environment. However as fossil fuels are expected to exhaust within a few decades, we need to go on immediate overdrive to upgrade technology and infrastructure in order to save our future generation from the pitfalls of harmful greenhouse gasses.

The idea of having a clean environment remedy is catching up fast on investors and venture capitalists, who are willing to pool resources for newer technology research in solar power generation, as this could become the most lucrative energy source of future and start-up to tomorrows energy behemoths.


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