Global warming is a phenomenon which affects us all, no matter which corner of earth we stay.Its a term to describe the various facets of nature which influences our daily lives. With advent of new technologies after industrialization, our desires kept on growing day-by-day.In our lust to achieve and fulfill our superfluous desires, we ignored rationale thinking for material benefits at the cost of mother nature.The present day situation we are facing today, be it changes in climate,loss of flora & fauna, pollution or health issues etc. is solely due to mismanagement of our environment.

what is global warming
Till now we lived in closed societies, but now human beings dwell in different regions of the world as per their choice of profession unlike other living creatures, but all have to live under one and same roof i.e; Earth. We all now belong to a single family called "GLOBAL VILLAGE". Any decision is felt across continents, be it technology, business, political or above all our environment.

Unless concerted effort is taken by all, no remedy can bear fruit for the varied problems relating to environment issues, no matter how innovative and sincere effort is put by any individual. It is high time all our thoughts and planning are made for universal protection of nature.
Only unified action taken collectively under the guidance of WHO and stewardship of G8+5 nations can rightly steer us to achieve this gigantic task


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